Have a stress free holiday with these useful home tips

This summer many of you may be thinking of jetting away for a period of stress free fun, so we have created a list of top tips that could help you have no worries while you are away or worst of all come back to something unexpected!


1. First of all, please drop us an email info@citylivinglondon.co.uk if you are away on a summer vacation for longer than 2 weeks and let us know if you are happy for us to access in the event of a maintenance issue, so we don't need to bug you.

2. Contact Royal Mail to let them know you will not be at your property to receive your mail, and they can retain your mail during the period of your vacation. This is always a good idea as it means you do not return home to a big pile of post and indicate to others that you’re currently away from the property.


3. Try cleaning your fridge and even defrosting your freezer before your go on holiday. This can save you coming back to any rotting food or bad smells in your property. By turning your fridge & freezer off you could save some money but do remember to put some towels or newspaper below the freezer to soak up any water, and leave the door ajar to prevent the fridge/freezer smelling.


4. It might seem obvious but do empty your rubbish bins to avoid any unpleasant smells and attract unwanted pests.


5. Turn off the heating and switch any other items off to save you returning to unnecessary energy bills.


6. If you have any indoor plants, depending on the duration of your trip ensure you have watered your plants before you leave, you do not want to return back to wilted or even dead plants.

7. Do not leave any spare keys under your mats or in any of the communal areas as the wrong person may find it.


8. Most importantly make sure all your windows are closed before you leave including you front door.