Bonjour I’m Sebastian and I'm a letting negotiator at City Living London. My role means that I spend a large proportion of my time out and about, meeting new people and showing them the flats we have to offer in Central London. One of my best attributes, which aids me greatly in my job is that I am fluent in French and can also speak basic Italian.
I consider myself a very charming and friendly person and therefore my spare time is often spent with friends, enjoying dining out and taking advantage of my wine tasting skills!

Quick fire round with Sebastian

1. Cereal or Toast? Toast 
2. Birthday or Christmas? Christmas
3. Pink or Blue? Blue
4. Hugs or Kisses? Kisses
5. Mayonnaise or Ketchup? Ketchup
6. Crayons or felt tips? Crayons
7. Who would you prefer to live with a gorilla that knows sign language or a dog that sings lullabies?A gorilla that knows sign language.
8. If you were a biscuit what would you be? Orea biscuit
9. Presents or cards? Presents
10. What sort of holiday do you prefer, lying in the sun in Spain, exploring the Inca Trail in Peru or action packed skiing through the Alps? Skiing through the Alps.