Introducing Richard...

Hi there, I’m Richard and I’ve joined the City Living team here at Vauxhall to head up the Portfolio’s Asset Management and  development, as well as rule with an iron fist over the day to day running of the lettings team – Only Joking – I’m a nice guy really!

I have worked in the property industry for over 30 years, with a wide range of experience, from working for NHS Health Trust, Schools, Colleges, Central and Local Government organisations to Regeneration Companies and Financial Institutions.

I previously run my own private practice surveying company in South East London for over 12 years, and have lived in Blackheath since 2000. It is great village close to the bustle of town, with great restaurants and a true community feel within the Metropolis.

In my spare time I’m Vice President of the Lynne Boxing Club in Camberwell, it’s the oldest club in London! I’m also an RYA sailing instructor teaching on the Thames at Greenwich when I can. This year I finally got the 1970’s Triumph Vitesse on the road in the sunshine, and out of   garage after 7 years wait! !

Quick fire round with Richard - Christmas Theme

1. Baubles or lights? Lights
2. Red or white? Red
3. Christmas or New years? Christmas
4. In or Out? In
5. Are you are giver or receiver? Giver
6. Mulled wine or Eggnog? Mulled wine
7. Cards or Presents? Cards
8. If you were a present what kind of present would you be? A surprise
9. Chunky monkey or slim Jim? Slim Jim
10. What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Family