Our founder Jack Petchey: He Replaced His Rags with Riches

Published: 15/03/2016

He was born in July, 1925 on the East End of London. He was the offspring of a poor working class family who had barely enough food to keep alive. Jack never let his adverse circumstances stop him from dreaming and fulfilling his vision to make a better life for himself. Turning13 Jack lost interest in school and quit; he had absolutely no prospects before him.
Along comes 1943 and the Second World War with Jack enlisting in the Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm. He unsuccessfully applied for officer training. He served his stint in the Navy and he was discharged honourably. He joined the Solicitor’s Law Stationery Society as a clerk. He had a strong desire to be successful and applied for a management position. Surprisingly, he was turned down and told he would never make it as a businessman (I’m sure the person who made that assessment has regretted it for the rest of their life.) 
Jack was undeterred so he took his 39pounds from the Navy and invested. He bought his first second hand automobile and started his business empire. He ran a taxi and he worked hard and long. His tenacity richly paid off. He became a multi-millionaire through his motor car dealings, garages, property, travel and investments. He never gave up on his dream and he made it big.
His example is an inspiration because no matter what circumstances we are born into we can improve ourselves and turn our lives around.   We can live very successful and productive lives like Jack. Jack has started many enterprises from businesses, foundations to partnership programs. Jack is 90 years old and going strong as he is still working. He has no plans to retire in the near future. He is going to marry his long-term sweetheart of 26 years. 66-year-old sculpture artist, Frances Segelman.
Jack has become quite a philanthropist donating 66 million pounds over the years. He has helped thousands upon thousands of young people achieve their dreams and he has given them better lives. Some of his programs include “Speak out Challenge” which operates in almost every single secondary school in Essex and London. He trains nearly 17,000 young people a year. His other program “Step into Dance” helps students learn dance in about 200 schools. He also gives out 12,000 achievements annually for “trying your best.”
Jack Petchey studied Andrew Carnegie’s course on positive thinking and it changed his life forever. He was so inspired by the course he has taught it to others. His life motto is: “Success is out there if you want it.” This has been his driving motive to reaching out helping all the young people he has. Jack has modelled this philosophy all his life and he has found plenty of success in all his ventures over the years. He has richly practiced what he has lived for years. You can do it if you try and you can’t let any setbacks stop you from achieving your dreams. Surely Jack didn’t let any obstacles stop him from reaching his king-sized dreams.