Money saving tips!

We at City Living London have come up with a few tips to help you reduce your utility bills and do your bit to help save the planet:

Unplug it

Ensure you unplug any unused electrical items e.g. lamps, laptops etc: this energy saving tip is a small way in which you can reduce your electrical bill and be energy efficient.

Turn it down 

Reduce the amount you use your electrical radiators/ boilers. I know it is still pretty chilly, and we all want to keep our heating on, but why not use a hot water bottle to keep warm, or even have a top sheet for your bed which will trap the cold air and keep your bed nice and cosy.

The four minute shower

We at City Living London provided you all with Thames water 4 minute shower timers, if you don’t have one feel free to pop into our office and we will give you one. This little gem will help you reduce the amount of water you are using and save the planet! First hand reports from the team have confirmed that a timer does help!

Switch it off

Think about all those times you have kept the tap running from when you’re washing dishes, or when brushing your teeth. By turning off the tap while brushing your teeth you can reduce your water bill and help the environment, so why not try it?


Keep it shut

Keeping your doors closed will avoid letting out that precious heat escape from any place in your flat. This handy tip will make a big difference in retaining heat and will mean you are less likely to turn the heating up.