Introducing Mandeepa...

Hello! I’m Mandeepa, and I am the Lettings & Marketing Administrator at City Living London. I have been at City Living London for a year and a half and my role is focused on marketing for the company. This involves managing our main website and our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages, and also creating the bi monthly newsletters for you all to read! Another key part of my role is dressing all of our available properties and managing the checkins and checkouts.
When I am not at work, I am usually spending my spare time dancing with my Bhangra Team based in West London. I have performed in a number of competitions at venues such as Hammersmith Apollo and London Palladium, one of my favourite performances was in 2011:


Bhangra is a traditional folk dance originated from the Punjab in North India. Traditionally people use to celebrate a good harvest with singing songs and dancing alongside a dhol beat (a drum), making Bhangra dancing a lively form of dance. Bhangra is a good fun and a great way to keep fit, and I would recommend everyone to try it! There can be classes found all over London, check your local gyms as many have started Bhangracise classes.

Quick fire round with Mandeepa

1. Sweet or Savory? Savory
2. Pink or blue? Blue
3. Flowers or chocolate?Flowers
4. Dog or cat? Dog
5. If you had to be a fruit what would you be? Orange
6. What is your favorite flower? Roses
7. Morning or Night? Night
8. What sort of holiday do you prefer, lying in the sun in Spain, exploring the Inca Trail in Peru or action packed skiing through the Alps? Exploring the Inca Trail in Peru.
9. If you were an instrument, what would you be? Violin
10.  Hot or cold? Hot