Keeping warm this winter

Brrr the weather is getting colder, and that can only mean it’s time to pull out the woollies as the wintery weather slowly approaches us. We don’t want the icy temperatures to disrupt your life, so we have come up with a few tips of how to keep warm this winter. Hopefully these tips will help you can overcome the cold chills.
• Grab a hottie, a hot water bottle is a cheap way of keeping warm. Why not place it at the foot of your bed before going to sleep.

• Winter warmers, this could be as simple as making a hot drink e.g. tea or hot chocolate

• Layer up, by wearing different layers of clothes you can keep snug and warm.

• For those brewing colds, try honey lemon ginger tea. The heat and ginger helps clear sinuses, while the honey soothes that scratchy throat.

• Get some exercise; this is a great way of keeping warm.

• Keep the door closed, avoid letting heat escape from any place.