Gemma's Travel Guide

Dear City Living London Readers,

My name is Gemma and I am the Operations Manager here, which basically means that I try and ensure the office runs smoothly and efficiently. Personally I enjoy exploring the world and at any opportunity, I love to see and learn more about other cultures, food and people. When back in daily reality, my main hobbies are sporty ones as I like swimming, tennis and taking part in British Military Fitness (BMF) regularly. BMF takes place several times a week in most of the major parks in London, for example Hyde Park, Battersea etc and it involves running around for an hour doing various athletic exercises under the command of an army instructor. It's a good way of meeting people and a chance to get some fresh air, especially after being in an office all day! If you’re intrigued about BMF, check out their website:

I also enjoy good food, wine and socialising in case the above has painted me as a complete nutter, running about in recent Siberian winds!

As I mentioned about my passion for exploring I thought I’d pull together a city guide. I have only included one place in this edition, however follow us on Facebook as I will be updating it with other British travel ideas and farther flung destinations!



For a city destination and somewhere close to my heart, having spent my university days here, why not head to Oxford. It’s a beautiful and historic city, perfect for a long May bank holiday weekend.


Friday evening
Catch the Oxford tube (a coach) from Victoria, Notting Hill or Shepherd’s Bush for an hour to two journey to Oxford.
Stay in the Old Bank Hotel or the Malmaison in the centre of town, or for those on a lesser budget there is always a Premier Inn!
Feeling peckish then stroll up the high street to the Chang Mai Kitchen for some delicious Thai food or go to Jericho (a district) for some fancy cocktails and food! 


Head into town and walk through the Christchurch meadow and into this famous college, where a few scenes of Harry Potter were filmed. Christchurch College also has its own time, being 5 minutes behind Greenwich Mean Time.
For a bit more action, hire a punt and manoeuvre yourself up the river for an idyllic view from the water and a chance to practice your singing! Punting tends to build up an appetite so why not have a spot of afternoon tea at The Vaults and Garden Cafe near the Bodleian Library and squeeze in a pint at the Turf Tavern, if you can find it!
In the evening, try and see a Creation theatre performance (you will have to book this is advance), in my opinion really well executed plays set in iconic Oxford venues.
And lastly if you aren’t feeling too shattered and the weather is pleasant, pop into one of the three G and D’s Cafes, open till midnight serving ice cream and cakes! 


After a leisurely start to the day, hire a bike and meander your way towards Wolvercote for lunch at The Trout, a pub set on the banks of the river Thames. 




Hopefully exhausted but happy with your busy weekend, climb aboard the bus (which runs frequently) back to London.