Introducing Ceirios...

Hello! I’m Ceirios, and I am the new maintenance manager here at City Living London! I deal with anything from scheduling maintenance visits, queries on how to use the appliances to emergency leaks. I work closely with our fantastic handyman, Hadi, and organise his diary on a daily basis. If you have any questions whatsoever, please do get in touch.

I’m originally from beautiful Snowdonia in North Wales and my name is actually Welsh for Cherries! In case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced Kay-Ree-Oss :). I love living in London, it’s such a fantastic city to call home, with so much to do, see and experience every day. At the weekends you’ll find me pottering in my garden with our cat Keith, or out and about with my partner exploring different part of town. We recently did a walking tour of historic Hampstead pubs, which was great fun and very interesting. 

This year I’ll be spending Christmas with friends and family, who knows, the Santa Suit just might make another outing....



Quick fire round with Ceirios 


1. Chocolate or sweets?Chocolate
2. Red or white?Red
3. Christmas or New years?Christmas
4. In or Out?In
5. If you could be any fruit what would you be?Mango
6. Elf or Reindeer?Elf
7. Cards or Presents?Presents
8. If you were a type of weather what would you be?Changeable like the British Weather
9. Cold or hot?Hot
10. What is your lucky number?4