Published by: Ryder Sibley - Letting negotiator at City Living London and kickboxer extraordinaire!

We have decided that in each newsletter we will introduce you to a member of our team so that you get to know us here a bit better and see what part we play within the company.

So the first person we are introducing is Ryder who is our newest recruit at City Living London and who is one of our letting negotiators.

'As a Letting Negotiator, I have the opportunity of getting out & about, meeting new people & showing them the flats we have to offer in Central London. I see myself as an outgoing and enthusiastic chap who enjoys keeping fit & socialising.

As we are nearing the New Year, the all important conversation arises as to what resolutions people have chosen & consequently probably won’t do...Therefore I thought I would share the challenge I set myself and show that anything is possible!

It was only last year but I set myself a New Year’s resolution which was to go completely out of my comfort zone, learn a new sport in another country, alongside the typical resolution of getting fit! So I opted for Muay Thai Kick Boxing in Thailand, something I had never done before and certainly a challenge. I also decided that I would spend 3 months in this testosterone filled fighting camp.

Right from the word go I was put through my paces. I arrived very early straight off a long flight, where I had had very little time to rest and was thrown into the deep end with a 7 mile run warm up before getting straight into training. This really was a test that I wanted to finish there and then but this was merely the start of what would soon become my daily routine. On the same first day, after a brief lunch, 3 hours of boxing and fitness followed - never in my life had I felt so shattered and this was only day 1!!

However after a week this alien routine began to feel natural. Training sessions started to merge seamlessly and the only thing we looked forward to was Saturday; the only day off. It certainly was a tough regime but a fair one, where if you didn’t try you were punished!

The weeks soon flew by & soon became months and weirdly when it finally came to an end I really missed the lifestyle and the close knit connection that had been created within the group. Once back in the UK I felt like a different person, this amazing experience had changed me for the better and I quickly took up the sport back home.

Hence when it comes to a New Year’s resolution, I would definitely say aim high & see it through. I would recommend this trip to anyone, especially if you want to push yourself to your physical limits!!