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Tenant FAQ

How much is the deposit and what other fees will I have to pay?

See Tenant Fees

How quickly can I move in?

This will depend on how quick we receive your references and the property availability date.

What references will I need?

The references will be carried out by an independent party, who will undertake a credit check, an employment/accountant reference, current landlord reference (if applicable), proof of residency (e.g bank statement/utility bill) and photo ID.

How do I know I will pass the referencing process?

To pass the references you will need to have a clear credit, have a good landlord reference and be in receipt of an annual household income of 30x the monthly rent.

What happens if I fail my referencing?

There are alternative ways of qualifying; either proceed with a guarantor or pay 6 months of rent in advance.

Who can be my guarantor?

The guarantor will have to be from the UK and must be able to pass the referencing criteria as set out above. The guarantor will also be legally bound to all terms in the tenancy agreement and need to have signed the agreement.

What does my rent include?

The rent includes maintenance costs for the flat and the building, but as a tenant you will be responsible for the council tax and all utilities unless or else advised.

How do I pay my rent?

The rent should be paid by standing order and must be received in advance by the rent due date.

How do I end my tenancy?

You must provide one month notice to your landlord as per the terms of your tenancy agreement.

My tenancy is coming to an end, how do I extend?

City Living London will contact you 2 months before your tenancy is due to end to discuss renewing your contract and sending out a new agreement.

My tenancy has ended, when do I get my deposit back?

We aim to have the deposit returned within 10 days of the check out, however this is subject to the condition the property is left in and deductions that required from the deposit (i.e for cleaning/maintenance)

How do I end my lease early?

Your tenancy agreement will state how long your tenancy is for. During this time neither you nor the landlord can end the tenancy unless there have been breach to the terms in the contract. However if there is a break clause in place then you will be able to break your tenancy early subject to the terms of the break clause.